Damn! Kento is so fucking hot!! those glasses!! *QQQ* So well, A little introduction of him, his powers doesn't have anything to do with the image, only with his eyes, he is not a particular person, His power is called Dakumaindo(Dark mind), it is about a Hyperconcentration blindly... wich means that he has an extremely high concentration, he can close his eyes and fight and use everything that is around him as a weapon, in other terms: "It is an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses on a limited topic, or beyond objective reality and within mental planes, concepts and subjective imagination, and other objects of the mind" (Wikipedia)so... According to psychiatric terms is an attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, but in this case is taken more as a powerful skill. So, according to this he had to train his ears to listen everything around him and to be sure where the objects and the enemy are located , He has perfect coordination and an strange hability of confuse the enemy (with his eyes) and use it as a defense or powerfull distraction for the enemy.